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Hello Folks!

At Risen Entertainment hundreds of TV's mounted and satisfied clients say's why we are Miami's #1 On Wall TV's. 

We have the experience, size, and people to take your Audio/Video project from Beginning to end

and we've done that for some of the best brands.

When you've got the vision of a fascinating completed environment, but the reality of details, budgets and timelines, Risen Entertainment delivers. Every time.



Call us or contact via e-mail to info@risenen.com for a FREE Estimate



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Moving out?

Let us remove your TV and cables from the wall.

We can also take all of your TV equipment to your new place and install it there!

Ohh, by the way the handsome guy in the picture is Cesar =)

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Our Commercial Clients

These are some of the names we work for, and do you want to know why they keep calling us?

They simply love our service, they trust us and that's why you should call us now.

Ohhh... 1 more thing! 

We can provide you the best TV's, AV Receivers, Speakers and Projectors AT THE BEST PRICES!